Olives & House Pickled Vegetables – 6

Roasted Nuts – 5
honey & old bay

Bread Plate – 5
extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, black pepper


Grilled Asparagus – 8
lemon pepper aioli, shaved grana

Baked Cheese Dip- 9
fig & onion compote, baguette

Roasted Radishes – 8
honey, almond dukkah, goat ricotta

Chicken Meatballs – 10
creamy chevre, salsa verde

Mac & Cheese- 9
creamy blend of artisanal cheeses selected from our cheese cart

BBQ Pork Belly- 10
braised pork, red wine BBQ sauce, shaved cabbage, crispy shallots

Confit Duck Rolls- 12
cabbage, red onion, ginger, sriracha honey mustard

Battered Oysters- 12
chick pea batter, tangy remoulade

Steamed Mussels – 12
bacon, fennel, garlic, white wine

Seared Foie Sliders – 15
bacon jam, pickled apricot, toasted brioche


Mixed Green  - 8
glazed onion, feta, honey vinaigrette

Spinach – 9
pickled beans, Stove Pipe cheddar, crispy coppa, creamy garlic vinaigrette

Arugula – 10
dried cherries, blue cheese, spiced pecans, citrus vinaigrette

Ranch  - 9
mixed greens, apples, red onion, horseradish ranch

Crispy Squid  - 11
cornmeal crusted squid, mixed greens, red onion, red chili vinaigrette


Pizzas are hand formed and approximately 9″ in size

Tomato Mozzarella – 10
smokey tomato sauce, house mozzarella

White Pizza – 11
roasted garlic, chevre, ricotta, feta, herb oil

Spinach Pizza- 12
sauteed spinach, ricotta, creamy chevre, sunny side up egg

Caramelized Onion Pizza – 12
marscarpone, bacon, onions

Anchovy Pizza – 14
boquerones, smokey tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella

Salami Pizza – 12
spicy salami, bell peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella


Daily Fish – 18
selection & preparation changes regularly

Lobster & Grits- 20
spring peas, buttermilk grits, charred lemon, lobster jus

Mushroom Farro – 14
seasonal mushrooms, leeks, raisins, fried egg

Confit Chicken Carbonara – 16
fettuccini, grana padano, fresh egg

Roasted Duck Breast – 18
orange & balsamic marinade, sweet potato puree, roasted beets, chive yogurt

13.5% Burger – 13.5
6oz beef patty, tickler cheddar, onion jam, served with fries

*add bacon – 2
*add any cheese from the cart – 4


French Fries- 5
add duck gravy -2

Sauteed Mushrooms – 6
garlic butter, fresh herds

Polenta – 4
brown butter, parmesan

Soup – 6
selection changes regularly


Cheese portioned to 1 oz and served with crostini.
per selection-4
plate of three -11
plate of five-16
*full cart-24

Cremeaux de Bourgogne - France
Taleggio – Italy
Casatica di Buffala - Italy
Bread Cheese – Wisconsin

Sole Gran Queso – Wisconsin
Manchego – Spain
C-Local – New York
Kunik – New York

Smokey Blue – Maryland
Black River Blue – Wisconsin
Gorgonzola Cremificato – Italy
Westfield Farm Goat Blue – Massachusetts

Charlottetown Ash - Maryland
Capri – Massachusetts
Goat Gouda – Holland
Drunken Goat – Spain


“Why Buy the Cow…” 
Manchego, Goat Gouda, Casatica di Bufula

“White Room”
Cremeaux de Bourgogne, Kunik, Capri

“Dirty Laundry”
C-local, Taleggio, Smokey Blue

“What the &#$*”
Drunken Goat, Bread Cheese, Westfield Farm Goat Blue


Charcuterie Platter – 15
norchino salami, breseola punta, hungarian salami, hot coppa, cornichons, mustard, crostini

Chicken Liver Mousse – 6
honey, lillet, spiced salt, crostini

Antipasto Platter -22
selection of cured meats, brie, pickles, olives, cheese, house pickles and jams, mustard and crostini





*”Full Cart” option is served in half ounce portions.