Pickles & Olives  -6

seasonal veggies, marinated olives

Roasted Nuts – 5

almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, paprika, pomegranate molasses



Fried Artichokes – 10

cornmeal crust, lemon, grana padano

Charred Squid - 12

confit squid, lotus root,sweet soy vinaigrette

Mushrooms  - 6

seasonal selection, garlic, butter. fresh herbs

Baked Cheese – 9

balsamic onion jam, baguette

Mac & Cheese - 8

blend of artisanal cheeses, brioche crumbs

Grilled Jerk Wings - 12

spiced mango chutney

Pork Belly Tacos - 10

grilled corn tortillas, shaved cabbage, pickled jalapeno, crema

Fried Oyster Sliders- 12

bacon jam, tarragon aioli, brioche bun

Steamed Mussels – 12

chilies, basil, garlic, mint, white wine, cream

Lamb Meatballs - 12

chunky tomato sauce sauce, ricotta

Bean and Toasted Sesame Dip - 10


garlic chips, grilled baguette




Mixed Greens  - 8

red onion, spiced pecans, poppy seed vinaigrette

Spinach - 11

creamy blue cheese, candied bacon, dried cherries

Arugula – 11

feta, glazed onions, baby beets, honey vinaigrette

Romaine  - 10

boquerones (white anchovy,) hard boiled egg, grana padano, creamy garlic vinaigrette


Grilled Flatbreads


Tomato Mozzarella – 10

chunky tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

White Pizza – 11

garlic cream, ricotta, mozzarella

Spinach Pizza- 10

sauteed spinach, creamy chevre,  ricotta, sunny side up egg

Caramelized Onion Pizza – 12

marscarpone, bacon, caramelized onions

Salami Pizza – 12

spicy salami, roasted peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Arugula – 12

olives, feta, arugula, honey, toasted almonds


Large Plates

Seared Fish – 18

selection & preparation changes regularly

Fried Bomba Rice- 18

mussels, clams, shrimp, saffron butter, crispy spek

Mushroom Orzo - 14

creamy orzo, seasonal mushrooms, arugala

Confit Chicken Carbonara – 16

confit chicken, bacon, egg noodles, Grana Padano cream, fresh egg yolk

Confit Duck – 18

faro, baby carrots, green onion pesto

Steak & Fries - 20

black and Blue butter

13.5% Burger – 13.5

Shelburn Farms Cheddar, greens, red onion, served with fries

add bacon – 2
add any cheese from our cart – 4



French Fries- 5

sea salt, ketchup, aioli

Bread Plate - 5

olive oil, sea salt, garlic

Soup – 6

selection changes regularly



Cheese portioned to 1 oz and served with crostini.
*”Full Cart” option is served in quarter-ounce portions.

Per selection-4
Plate of three -11
Plate of five-16
Full cart-24

Cremeaux de Bourgogne - France
Shelburn Farms Cheddar – Italy
Taleggio - Italy
Quadrello di Bufala - Vermont

Sole Gran Queso – Wisconsin
Manchego – Spain
C-Local – New York
San Andreas - California

Smokey Blue – Maryland
Black River Blue – Wisconsin
Gorgonzola Cremificato – Italy
Westfield Farm Goat Blue – Massachusetts

Charlottetown Ash – Maryland
Capri - Massachusetts
Goat Gouda – Holland
Drunken Goat – Spain



“Kate’s Plate” 

Cremeaux de Bourgogne, Sole Gran Queso, Shelburn Cheddar

“Like Butta”

Cremeaux de Bourgogne, Cremificato, Capri

“Dirty Laundry”

C-local, Taleggio, Smokey Blue

“Why Buy the Cow”

Manchego, Goat Gouda, Quadrello di Bufala


Charcuterie Platter – 15

Hot coppa, lomo, spicy salami, sopressata, cornichons, mustard, crostini

Antipasto Platter -22

Selection of cured meats, mozzerela, pickled vegetables, olives,  jams, mustard and crostini

Sardines & Toast – 12

Cured sardines, raisins, olives, balsamic, grilled bread



$5 Happy Hour Menu


Chips and Dip

House fried chips, selection changes

Romaine Salad

“Caesar” dressing, croutons


Toasted brioche, cheese sauce

Pesto Crostini

Grilled baguette, arugula pesto

Bacon Sandwich

House made pepper bacon, black truffle butter, arugula, baguette


13.5 Sangria

Cotes du rhone, fresh fruit, orange liquor

Glass of red or white wine

Bartender’s choice